We like to keep things simple at Triangle Partners.  We've designed our approach to managing customers around this concept by assigning each account with a single, primary consultant, although all Triangle Partners resources are available for secondary support.  This approach to managing projects simplifies communication and management tremendously and has major advantages.  Having a single consultant assigned to your account has the following major advantages...

  • You'll have a primary and direct consultant for all communications.  You'll have direct access to your assigned consultant throughout business hours, and potentially after hours if required.  Our consultants are instructed to prioritize all communications with their assigned accounts, so you will get a timely response if they are unavailable at that time.
  • You'll talk with a consultant that knows your business intimately, understands your network environment and has built relationships with your staff.  We like all our consultants to really get to know their assigned accounts.  They'll know everything about your current solutions, have details of all previous support requests, and have extensive knowledge of all current and future projects.
  • No consultant works in a bubble.  Each consultant has full access to all Triangle Partners resources to bridge any knowledge or technical gaps.  We work as a team, always.  If your assigned consultant needs support bridging a technical gap on any given solution, we have resources that are knowledgeable in all solutions and will step in to support your assigned consultant. 
  • Your consultant will direct and manage your projects.  If your consultant needs to bring in more resources, they will, but will always champion your projects.  This dramatically decreases any potential loss of time or confusion when projects or support requests are handled by multiple consultants.  We like to keep all the cooks out of the kitchen if possible.

We believe simplicity and a focused approach are paramount to achieving the highest levels of customer service, and history is our proof.  Keeping direct communication lines facilitates a successful, and faster outcome.  We've been refining this approach for over 10 years and it's been proven a huge success for both our consultants and accounts.

Single Primary Point of Contact