Triangle Partners, Inc. started back in 1985 with three top-level consultants building a network of support personnel to offer the highest level of sales, implementation, and support for the Exact product line. Since then the organization has grown and become part of a six-member reseller group called The ESTA Group which spans the United States that can offer a wealth of expert resources.

Our focus has always been the client success, directing our efforts on helping each of our customers grow their business with the solutions we offer and support.

With shared resources between six partners, we employ multiple experts with overlapping expertise in nearly every field required to exceed our customer's needs. Our main areas of expertise are the following solutions and technical areas:

· Macola 10

· Macola ES

· Macola Progression

· Synergy Enterprise

· Event Manager (Vineyardsoft Knowledgesync and Exact Event Manager)

· Crystal Reports


· SQL Server

· Wisys WMS and Agility

· Pulse Dashboard and all Leahy Utilities

· General Business Consulting

A Little Bit About Us
Resources & Expertise